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Village Accessories

Village Accessories

Hockey Practice Animated

$65.00 USD

Lucky the Snowman, 2019

$22.50 USD

Mistletoe Farm Beehive

$17.63 USD$23.50 USD

Village Autumn Maple Trees

$25.00 USD

Animated Swan Pond

$65.00 USD

Victorian Street Lamps

$32.50 USD

Stray Cat Strut

$18.50 USD

Lighted Xmas Bare Branch Tree

$30.00 USD

Twinkle Brite Tree Large

$37.50 USD

Real Plastic Snow

$12.50 USD

Frosted Pine Grove, Set of 6

$22.50 USD

Woodland Bird Bath

$12.50 USD

My Garden Bench

$7.50 USD$10.00 USD

City Wrought Iron Park Bench

$8.50 USD

A Jolly Happy Soul

$10.00 USD

Southern Oak Trees

$35.00 USD

20 Color Changing LED Lights

$22.50 USD

Christmas Silhouette

$17.50 USD

Classic Christmas Shrubbery

$20.00 USD

Christmas Packages

$10.00 USD

Christmas In a Wagon

$12.50 USD

Lit Rotating Festive Tree

$85.00 USD

Winter Brite Tree Multi

$32.50 USD

Twinkle Brite Tree Red

$32.50 USD

Brick Town Square

$28.50 USD

Candy Corner Bench

$9.38 USD$12.50 USD

Classic Christmas Bench

$12.50 USD

Classic Christmas Kiosk

$50.00 USD

Christmas Wreath Street Lights

$30.00 USD

Winter Flurries Bare Branch

$21.38 USD$28.50 USD

Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries, Small

$19.50 USD

Limestone Steps

$12.50 USD