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Gregg Gift

Legacy of Love

As the faith-based collection, Gregg Gift offers everything from home decor to Bible covers to fashion accessories. We're pleased to partner with some of today's best loved artists to continually bring Inspiration to Everyday Living.

Bereavement Cross Plaque

$25.00 USD

Holy Family Lighted Cross

$35.00 USD

Holy Family Musical Waterglobe

$40.00 USD

Communion Photo Frame

$20.00 USD

Communion Wall Cross

$16.00 USD

Communion Rosary Box

$17.00 USD

Communion Angel Figure

$20.00 USD

Bereavement Solar Angel Figure

$45.00 USD

Bereavement Photo Frame

$20.00 USD

Bereavement Keepsake Box

$25.00 USD

Bereavement Heart Plaque

$15.00 USD

Bereavement Heart Ornament

$12.00 USD

Bereavement Cross Ornament

$12.00 USD

VeggieTales Youth Purse

$13.00 USD

VeggieTales Youth Backpack

$20.00 USD

Laura Carrot Backpack Clip

$7.00 USD

Petunia Rhubarb Plush

$20.00 USD

Laura the Carrot Plush

$13.00 USD

Junior Asparagus Plush

$11.00 USD

Baby's First Christmas Pink

$10.00 USD

Centerpiece Holy Family

$50.00 USD

Fig-Serenity Stones

$23.99 USD

Bride and Groom Cake Topper

$34.99 USD

Wedding Photo Frame

$20.00 USD

40th Anniversary Cross

$12.00 USD

Happy Anniversary Cross

$12.00 USD

40th Anniversary Photo Frame

$20.00 USD

Anniversary Photo Frame

$20.00 USD

First Communion Photo Frame

$15.00 USD

Plate Butterflies Soar

$6.99 USD

Plate ButterfliesDream

$7.99 USD

Plate Generations

$8.99 USD