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Merry Christmas to all! Shop seasonal & holiday presents for family and friends from Enesco. Gift ideas include plush toys, home décor, glassware, ornaments, and more. Our huge assortment of Santa figurines and ornaments is sure to delight all lovers of the Christmas Spirit!

6 Socket Lite Set W/Bulbs

$27.50 USD

A Christmas Beginning

$27.50 USD

A Day on the Lake

$35.00 USD

A Jolly Happy Soul

$10.00 USD

A Lively Bludger!

$42.50 USD

A Path Fit for a King

$32.50 USD

A Splendid Dinner

$28.50 USD

A True Cockney Couple

$28.50 USD

All I Need Is A Reindeer

$22.00 USD

All I Want For Christmas

$27.50 USD

Alpine Cowbell Forge

$125.00 USD

Animated Flaming Sleigh

$100.00 USD

Autumn Gourds

$17.50 USD

Baby's First Christmas

$32.50 USD

Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries

$12.50 USD

Bag-O-Frosted Topiaries, Small

$20.00 USD

Bellatrix Lestrange

$26.00 USD

Blue Christmas Tinsels

$18.50 USD

Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim

$27.50 USD

Borgin and Burkes

$122.00 USD

Bowling Ball Humor

$30.00 USD

Breaking News

$28.50 USD

Brick Street

$15.00 USD

Brite Lites Holiday House

$160.00 USD

Building a Snowman

$90.00 USD

Campfire Buddies

$28.00 USD

Candlestick Street Lights

$32.50 USD

Cardinal Christams Cardinals

$7.50 USD

Cardinal Christmas Pony

$20.00 USD

Caroling By Lamplight

$40.00 USD

Caroling With Crachit Family

$55.00 USD

Castle Black

$350.00 USD

Central Park Carriage

$50.00 USD

Cersei & Jaime Lannister

$150.00 USD

Christmas A Humbug, Uncle

$28.50 USD

Christmas Carol Cemetery

$135.00 USD

Christmas Carol Visit

$40.00 USD

Christmas Church, Lit Canvas

$38.00 USD

Christmas Cranberries

$32.50 USD

Christmas Reindeer

$27.50 USD

Christmas Rocking Horse

$17.50 USD

City Fence

$25.00 USD

City Gate

$17.50 USD

City Wrought Iron Park Bench

$8.50 USD

Clark & Rusty Cont. Tradition

$36.00 USD

Clark Trims The Tree

$26.00 USD

Clark's End Run

$125.00 USD

Classic Christmas Fountain

$15.00 USD