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Merry Christmas to all! Shop seasonal & holiday presents for family and friends from Enesco. Gift ideas include plush toys, home décor, glassware, ornaments, and more. Our huge assortment of Santa figurines and ornaments is sure to delight all lovers of the Christmas Spirit!

Candy Corner Bench

$12.50 USD

Candy Corner Bridge

$35.00 USD

Candy Corner Curbs

$18.50 USD

Candy Corner Fence

$12.50 USD

Candy Corner Topiaries

$22.50 USD

Candy Corner Trees

$16.50 USD

Christmas Bethesda Fountain

$42.50 USD

Christmas Bikes

$27.50 USD

Christmas In a Wagon

$12.50 USD

City Gate

$17.50 USD

City Wrought Iron Park Bench

$6.00 USD

Classic Christmas Bench

$12.50 USD

Classic Christmas Bridge

$45.00 USD

Classic Christmas Cocoa Cart

$32.50 USD

Classic Christmas Fountain

$15.00 USD

Classic Christmas Kiosk

$50.00 USD

Classic Christmas Shrubbery

$20.00 USD

Classic Christmas Statue

$20.00 USD

Classic Christmas Topiary

$15.00 USD

Classic Christmas Walls

$28.50 USD

Fire Hydrant Paper Box

$10.00 USD

Harvest Fields Path, Curved

$13.12 USD$17.50 USD

Harvest Fields Path, Straight

$13.12 USD$17.50 USD

Harvest Fields Steps

$13.12 USD$17.50 USD

Here Comes Christmas

$32.50 USD

Holiday Bench

$8.50 USD

Lit Candy Corner Luminaries

$30.00 USD

Lit Candy Corner Street Curved

$32.50 USD

Lit Candy Corner Street Lights

$25.00 USD

Lit Candy Corner Street, St

$32.50 USD

Lit Ice Castle Corners

$32.50 USD

Lit Ice Castle Gate

$45.00 USD