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Merry Christmas to all! Shop seasonal & holiday presents for family and friends from Enesco. Gift ideas include plush toys, home décor, glassware, ornaments, and more. Our huge assortment of Santa figurines and ornaments is sure to delight all lovers of the Christmas Spirit!

A Stitch In Yule Time

$155.00 USD

Alpine Cowbell Forge

$125.00 USD

Aunt Clara's House

$82.00 USD

B Sweet Shop

$165.00 USD

Bavarian Concert Hall

$150.00 USD

Blue Skies Airport

$165.00 USD

Borgin and Burkes

$120.00 USD

Brite Lites Holiday House

$160.00 USD

Brookshire Cottage

$79.00 USD

Chelsea Gardens Residence

$79.00 USD

Christmas At Grandma's

$120.00 USD

Christmas Carol Cemetery

$135.00 USD

Christmas Countdown Tower

$79.00 USD

Church of St. Mary-le-Bow

$180.00 USD

Cindy-Lou Who's House

$84.00 USD

Cleveland Elementary School

$92.00 USD

Coca-Cola Soda Fountain

$70.00 USD

Cratchit's Corner

$110.00 USD

Crooked Creek Farm

$130.00 USD

Davidson's Department Store

$145.00 USD

Duniway Abbey

$100.00 USD

E Tipler Agent Wine Spirits

$80.00 USD

Ebenezer Scrooge's House

$120.00 USD

Edgartown Boat Builder

$135.00 USD

Edgartown Harbor Light

$145.00 USD

Eeylops Owl Emporium

$120.00 USD

Eleven Pipers Piping Shop

$125.00 USD

Flue Who's Fireplace Place

$98.00 USD

Fullarton Station

$120.00 USD

Ginger's Cottage

$95.00 USD

Gingerbread Cottage #1

$115.00 USD

Grapevine Winery

$140.00 USD