Art Deco Ariel

Product Description
$75.00 USD
Disney Princesses come to life in the lavish designs of the popular Art Deco visual arts style. Characterized by delineated geometric patterns, symmetry, rich colors, bold shapes and gorgeous ornamentation, Art Deco draws upon the multi-cultural heritage of Egypt, Greece, Africa, East Asia and the Americas. Originating in the 1920s and 1930's, a time when Walt Disney started the Walt Disney Studios, Art Deco fashion gave expression to women eager to exert individuality and independence in the modern era. Ariel's 1930's style dress, presented in iridescent paint to mimic satin, features many sophisticated details evocative of Art Deco fashion. Intricate seaming with panels in different textures on the Little Mermaid's sleeveless long dress makes for a rich visual appeal. Ruffles along the back and sides of the dress in aquamarine shades suggest a fin. An incised scallop-like repeated pattern on the dress and finishes that one might see on the inside of a shell are a nod to Ariel's ocean origins. A glimmering headband and drop earrings with faux gems complete the ensemble and enhance Ariel's timeless appeal.
  • Hand-crafted of stone resin and hand-painted with faux gem embellishments.
  • Part of the Disney Couture de Force Art Deco collection.
  • Brougth to you by Enesco Gift

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