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When you hear the Mistress of the Dark...

only one person comes to mind: horror icon and quintessential symbol of all things spooky, the one and only Elvira. Her reign as 'Queen of Halloween' has spanned four decades making her today's most original and outrageous pop culture icon.

Elvira Statue by Grand Jester

Elvira fans, start your engines!

Taking inspiration from the chrome-plated hood ornament mounted on her classic Macabre Mobile, the audacious, flirtatious, and undeniably curvaceous Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is all tricked out and ready to roll in this ¼ scale deluxe statue from Grand Jester Studios.  

The ultimate movie horror hostess and cultural icon comes to life in this hauntingly stunning and seductive statue.

Item Number: 6007210

Customer Reviews

Any Halloween, Elvira collector needs this in their collection. The figurine rather large so ample shelf space is needed. Packaging and box impeccable. Paint is good, what's not to like???

By Doug P.

It demands your attention when you enter the room. I don’t think people will notice anything else in my collection again. The artistry, creativity, and production value is outstanding! A must for any Elvira collector.

By Dalles W.

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Every delicious curve and stunningly sexy detail is faithfully recreated here. This is truly a masterpiece that belongs in the collection of all true avid Elvira fans...

...Don't overthink it, just do it!


The Devil’s in the Details

Pop the hood and sneak a peek at the high-octane artistry built into this polyresin, mixed-media portrayal of the turbo-charged temptress.  From Elvira’s beehive bouffant ‘do and gothic black tresses, smokey eyeliner framing her baby blues, blood-tinged lips and moonlit complexion, no detail has been overlooked.  

Midnight black fingernail polish? Check!  

Ring with faceted faux ruby? Check!  

Studded bracelet and high-heeled pumps? Check and check!  

And then there’s that dress.  Made of real fabric and tailored to accentuate her hourglass figure, Elvira’s iconic black outfit is completed by an ebony cinch belt and gem-encrusted dagger.  In addition to the faux ruby, emerald and sapphires that decorate the compact blade’s handle, her signature “E” is inscribed on the back of the pommel. 

Close-up of Elvira's face on the Grand Jester Statue
Close-up of Elvira's hands on the Grand Jester Statue
Close-up of Elvira's dagger on the Grand Jester Statue

But if there’s one design element that really shifts this sculpture into high gear, it’s the wicked set of wings that jet out like tail fins from Elvira’s shapely shoulder blades – ready to propel Elvira soaring into the night sky.  These are wings that would turn the brides of Dracula green with envy! 

And once you finish admiring all the well-appointed features that make this Elvira figure so visually spectacular, take a moment to marvel at the high-gloss black and silver base.  Channeling the streamlined design and energy of a vintage car hood, Elvira’s base is all dangerous curves and dynamic angles.  Even without the alluring figure of Elvira poised atop it, the base alone is a masterpiece of inspired craftsmanship and engineering.

Measuring approximately 16” tall from base to wingtip and weighing approximately 8 pounds, this limited edition figure is the ultimate tribute to the mythical mystique of the Mistress of the Dark.   The impetus to kit-bash the Art Deco aesthetic of classic hood ornaments with the unbridled energy of Kustom Kulture and the titillating sensibilities of 1940’s pin-up girl artwork was the brainchild of sculptor Joe Jung, whose passion and vision informs every nuanced detail of this figure.  But what really brings Elvira to startling life are the haunting hues and subtle shadows provided by painter Holly Knevelbaard.

The race is on to add this Elvira figure to your collection, so put the pedal to the metal and drive one home today!

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