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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney Showcase of Jack & Sally and Oogie Boogy by Miss Mindy.

Celebrate a happy haunting with Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. We have carefully curated a collection of frightfully fantastic keepsakes inspired by the classic film. From seasonal to functional decor, allow us to be your one stop shop for all things The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Oogie Boogie

$65.00 USD

Vampire Brothers Prepare Duck

$65.00 USD

Jack Discovers Christmas Town

$110.00 USD

Oogie Boogie Gives a Spin

$112.00 USD

Jack Steals Christmas

$34.00 USD

Nightmare Bfore Xmas Mayor Car

$110.00 USD

Jack Ceramic S&P

$25.00 USD

Zero And His Dog House

$22.50 USD

Jack Skellington

$80.00 USD

Lock Shock & Barrel -

$75.00 USD

Zero designed by Miss Mindy

$32.50 USD

Mayor designed by Miss Mindy

$65.00 USD

Jack and Sally Romance

$90.00 USD

Lock, Shock, and Barrel

$53.00 USD

Santa's Workshop

$270.00 USD

Christmas Town Carousel

$199.00 USD

Sandy Claws

$48.00 USD

Jack Sees His First Snowman

$60.00 USD

Christmas Town Street Lights

$48.50 USD

Santa Jack

$95.00 USD

Jack on Gravestone

$80.00 USD

Sally Cat on Gravestone

$80.00 USD

Santa Jack Tree Topper

$55.00 USD

Jack Christmas Gift Waterball

$65.00 USD

Jack, Sally & Zero on Hill

$105.00 USD

Jack Statue Halloween - Xmas

$200.00 USD

Jack with Snowman

$95.00 USD

Christmas Town House

$130.00 USD

Polar Bear Ride

$58.00 USD

Santa Jack with Gate

$200.00 USD

Jack Skellington

$95.00 USD


$95.00 USD