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Jim Shore Collection

Jim Shore Collection

Artist Jim Shore's collectibles tell stories through his unique detailed artistry and craftsmanship, helping gift-givers share a special bond and emotional connection with friend or family.

Cross Nativity Scene Ornament

$17.00 USD

Holy Family Ornament

$22.00 USD

Cross-shaped Holy Family Orn

$17.00 USD

Nativity Angel Statue

$80.00 USD

Mini Nativity Star on Cloud

$15.00 USD

Victorian 10 Pc Mini Nativity

$200.00 USD

Star Shaped Nativity Ornament

$20.00 USD

White Woodland 2018 Ornament

$20.00 USD

Nativity Angel w/Pierced Wings

$70.00 USD

Ivory/Gold Nativity Angel Orn

$22.00 USD

Set of Two Camels-MiniNativity

$25.00 USD

Lighted Nativity Angel

$75.00 USD

Folklore Nativity Set

$200.00 USD

Nativity Angel Ornament

$22.00 USD

Lighted Nativity Angel Musical

$130.00 USD

Mini Holy Family

$19.00 USD

Pint Size Nativity Angel

$24.00 USD

White Woodland Holy Family

$70.00 USD

Holy Family Waterball

$55.00 USD

Lighted Nativity Crown

$85.00 USD

Golden Garland Holy Family

$65.00 USD

Mini Nativity Standing Angel

$16.00 USD

One Piece Holy Family

$35.00 USD

Three Wise Men (2nd in Series)

$60.00 USD

White Woodland 8 Pc Nativity

$200.00 USD

Lighted Holy Family Ornament

$25.00 USD