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Disney Brands

Disney Brands

Enesco Disney brands offers a new range of highly-detailed, hand-painted and “character-correct” home décor and gift items. Fairy tale princesses, precocious pixies, wicked villains, and of course Mickey Mouse are all represented in these distinctive Disney Figurines for the home and garden.

Angel and Stitch Mistletoe

$60.00 USD

Angel Figurine

$90.00 USD

Lilo & Stitch Story Book

$77.00 USD

Lilo and Stitch Salt & Pepper

$24.00 USD

Lilo Hugging Stitch

$55.00 USD

Miss Mindy Vinyl - Stitch

$19.99 USD$30.00 USD

Rainbow Stitch

$300.00 USD

Simba Mini

$23.00 USD

Stitch Acrylic FACETS Figure

$20.00 USD

Stitch Big Fig

$195.00 USD

Stitch Cookie Jar

$70.00 USD

Stitch Figurine

$90.00 USD

Stitch Holiday

$17.50 USD

Stitch Holiday Waterdazzler

$25.00 USD

Stitch in a Pineapple

$45.00 USD

Stitch laying down mini fig

$17.50 USD

Stitch Mini

$23.00 USD

Stitch Mini Fig

$27.50 USD

Stitch Personality Pose

$30.00 USD

Stitch Personality Pose

$30.00 USD

Stitch Running w/Easter Basket

$52.00 USD

Stitch Statue

$150.00 USD

Stitch w/ Doll mini fig

$17.50 USD

Stitch w/ Flowers mini fig

$17.50 USD

Stitch w/ Guitar mini fig

$17.50 USD

Stitch with Heart mini fig

$17.50 USD

Stitch with Storybook

$55.00 USD